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 DigiFish Suite All Products From FormoSoft International - 10in1 (AIO)

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: DigiFish Suite All Products From FormoSoft International - 10in1 (AIO)   Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:24 am

DigiFish Suite All Products From FormoSoft International - 10in1 (AIO) | 331MB

324 MB Compress
327 MB UnCompress


DigiFish Ancient Ocean
DigiFish Aqua Garden Deluxe
DigiFish Aqua Real
DigiFish Aqua Real 2
DigiFish BettaBetta
DigiFish ClownFish
DigiFish Dolphin
DigiFish SeaHorse
DigiFish Soccer Fish
Digifish VR Aquarium

DigiFish Clownfish
This application presents a
lively and immersive view of the inhabitants of the blue coral reef –
clown fish and sea anemones interacting realistically with each other
via ecological simulation software.
This software creates astonishingly lifelike virtual sea anemones and clown fish.
These coral reef inhabitants are set against the most realistic virtual
tropical fish aquarium in the world to bring a perfect image to your
computer screen.


DigiFish Soccer Fish
Based on JAVA 3D technology, your little pet fish will never be fuzzy,
out of focus, insipid or hard to see - it's a realistic and vivid
creature cruising inside your portable device every second.
This is for you cellphone which support Java, not for PC.


DigiFish Dolphin
Dolphins are symbols of freedom, joy, grace and tranquility.
Their unique intelligence is amazing and they are capable of bringing delight to crowds all over the world.
Digifish Dolphin gives you a rare chance to observe and play with most
realistic virtual dolphins in fully 3D oceanic environment.


DigiFish Aqua Garden Deluxe
The only aquatic eden. Aqua Garden realizes your dreams. Watch fishes
swim throught this 3D aquatic world among swaying plants, rocks,
bubbles, even water mills.
Your life begins to change insensibly,
you will be surprise how your life will be full of enjoy with these
little freshwater creatures.


DigiFish Aqua Real 2
Aqua Real 2 also features virtual realistic and efficient "anemone-clownfish cline module".
Put some clown fish into the virtual realistic ocean world and have a look.
The outlook and effect of lifelike anemone can be set up with function of control window.


DigiFish Aqua Real
Aqua Real is the first 3D aquarium utilizing the most advanced
technologies in 3DVR and Biomechanics. Guaranteed to bring you the most
beautiful creatures in the aquatic world.
You will be able to play
with these lovely Aqua creatures, touch them, tickle them and even watch
them swing elegantly in the dazzling 3D aquarium.


Digifish VR Aquarium
Make your dream come true. Within VR Aquarium, the most innovative
tropical fish breeding program, fish is no longer a typical fish.
VR Aquarium provides a a real-time dynamics environment for you and your 3DVR fish to enjoy the fun of decorating and living.
It come with 48 species of tropical fish and more than 200 assortments
of gravel, aquatic plants and other decorative to bring you the greatest
challenge in creativity.


DigiFish BettaBetta
The BettaBetta is a brand new recreational video game for you to raise
the beautiful and vivid fighting fish just in the computer.
In the
beautiful virtual mini fishbowl, you can take good care your fighting
fish, give it harsh training and even fight with it.
The delicate mini fishbowl, the gorgeous fighting fish, the fun interaction, the exciting fight...
The rich contents and vivid and delicate visual joy of BettaBetta awaits.


DigiFish Seahorse
Commonly seen standing upright near coral reefs or roaming through kelp forests, seahorses are unique marine animals indeed.
Even though it may look like the miniature of certain animal or a
lonely twig floating about in the ocean, it is in fact a unique genus
under the Syngnathidae family.
DigiFish Seahorse will offer a brand new experience unlike anything you have seen before.


DigiFish Ancient Ocean
With a relatively brief history of several millennia, mankind has very
limited knowledge of the earth's oceans. However, what we know for a
fact is, during the planet's history that has spanned for billions of
years, a variety of species of remarkable aquatic life forms did exist
in these vast bodies of water. During their existence over this nearly
endless flow of time, just how many secrets remain undiscovered from
their evolution that began from birth, prosperity to eventual
distinction? Although we do not have the opportunity to see what these
sea creatures and organism looked like in real life today, thanks to the
hard work of archeologist and biologist, we have been able to
reconstruct their most pro able appearances and present them to you
right before your eyes.

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DigiFish Suite All Products From FormoSoft International - 10in1 (AIO)
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